Leah + Dan Testimonial


If I had to be honest I’d say I've never really been a 'baby shower' kind of person. So when the time came for mine I wanted kind of an 'anti-shower’. :) I didn't want pink bows and cupcakes, and games that guess how wide my girth is!!! I wanted a baby shower to remember, or as I think we called it, a pre baby celebration. A sophisticated, unisex cocktail party that was more about having a night to remember with our closest friends.

Shirin and Esther of Fletcher&Ellmore totally embraced where I was at and ran with it. They listened to my ideas and put whatever was in my mind into pictures - creating mood boards, Pinterest pages for colors and vibes, and they narrowed it down to Moroccan infused twilight cocktail party. It was incredible. I walked up the pathway, not a detail missed, rustic signs pointing to the soirée, fire torches lighting the path, gorgeous colorful flowers scattered, and then through the door.


Firstly to have all my best friends welcome me, totally choked up, and then to how magnificent it looked! 

Tea lights and petals in the pool, layers of bright orange and pink fabric draped over the deck, pockets of cozy seating areas with rustic wooden furniture, burning candles, a delicious array of Moroccan infused finger food, a freshly made champagne cocktail pitcher designed just for our shower, and paired red and white wine! It was absolutely everything I hoped for, and more!! Not one detail was overlooked! Shirin and Esther put every bit of passion into our baby shower as if it was their own. I have so much appreciation for what they do; creating amazing and lifelong memories for people.Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!