Kat + Josh's Testimonial


Josh & I had only known Esther & Shirin for a short time socially before hiring them to coordinate our Connecticut wedding. Their kind hearts, creative minds and organized approach made it a simple choice. 

Given only a few key words & Pinterest photos to describe our initial vision, Fletcher&Ellmore Events created a  vision board of what we can only refer to as so "US". Being creatives ourselves, we had initial reservations on whether or not we would be able to get our vision onto paper, however; we were relieved when we felt our ideas join, mingle, and settle into something even more personal  and beautiful than we had imagined. Even the groom fancied himself a meeting with the gals over wine & cheese!

Esther & Shirin are not only visionaries & organizers, they are supporters. They talked me off the ledge more then I care to admit and when the big day came to be, they were incredibly calm and upbeat despite flying 3000 miles to complete the job at a venue seen live only the day of. There was no sense of panic or "we have to drive a massive Uhaul HOW FAR???" Just enthusiasm and excitement to see our plans come to life! (we can laugh about those moments now)

We could (and should) say that this would have been the most perfect day no matter what because we had each other...FINALLY...FOREVER...and while all that is absolutely true- the feeling of satisfaction of throwing a beautiful party for those who have helped the two of us reach this point in our love was beyond what we expected. No detail went unnoticed from small feathers paired back to exclusively designed, individual menus to over 100 hand tied tassels creating an organic backdrop for our ceremony. There is no question that they understand the "bespoke" style and natural approach.

We are so thankful for the experience of working with Fletcher&Ellmore Events. We truly believe that our day could not have been put into stronger, more talented hands then theirs.