Throwing a party is so much more than the room you find yourself in, the beautifully curated table top, the perfectly orchestrated flow of a night; where the music moves effortlessly and your glass is never empty {although rest assured you will experience all this and more} Its the people, and the memories that are made + held in time because someone found cause to celebrate.

We get to facilitate the making of these beautifully personal moments for you. And we couldn't be more thrilled about that.

          …You never need an excuse for flowers,               champagne or gathering the people you love!

As co-owners of F+E we see it as a true privilege that we get to produce, design and curate memories that transcend and live on, past the moment they were designed for. 

Just as each of us are unique, our events are as bespoke and tailored to fit as you are; infused with the the individuality & personality of each client. 


Whether we are setting the table for your nearest and dearest, celebrating the arrival of a baby, throwing the corporate event of the year or curating the most boutique and custom wedding day - We have a commitment to ourselves and to you, that each and every client feel they are the only one on the books. A level of personal service and attention to detail that we feel is unparalleled.  

Just as your event requires the personal touch so does your quote + proposal. Please contact us to schedule your consolation. 

Esther & Shirin